Welcome to the CMA Creative Solutions website. We specialise in the mould making and casting of Resin and Metal scale models and miniatures, along with supporting services, including vacuum forming, printing and packaging.

CMA Creative Solutions has evolved out of a passion for the work that we do, and aspire to maintain the quality and heritage of the work undertaken when we were part of the CMA Moldform company. As a separate company, we are able to undertake a variety of additional and supportive services, and as such can offer a more complete, bespoke and holistic solution.

We service a variety of markets with scale models and miniature figures being a major part of what we do, though we also specialise in customised solutions for specific project based requirements.

Whether you are looking for a Resin or Metal partner in production, or a company to take your project from concept through to completion and market, CMA Creative Solutions is best positioned to offer a high-quality service which provides great value for money.